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"Art has power that goes beyond the visual. It improves the inner lives of people, while also bringing them together."

 David Stonehouse, Saskatoon artist

About Lori

I live in two very unique, inspirational places. I spend the spring, summer and fall in Canada where we have 120 acres in the Boreal Forest, on the bank of the Saskatchewan River. Winter is spent in the Rio Grande Valley - just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, USA.

I don't stick to one medium in my art. So I was thrilled when the term MIXED MEDIA ARTIST started to be popular since I have been that for over thirty years. I use paint, watercolours, pens, pencils, Inktense, markers, collage, stitching, free motion quilting and have even been known to smash a few perfectly good ceramic tiles up into little pieces all in the name of "Artfulness"

This website will show you a good example of all my past work and more importantly what I'm working on at the moment. I look forward to showing you my art and if you get the chance to come to my workshops, I look forward to sharing my knowledge, home and studio spaces with you as well.


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